Streamlining and improving M&A process


A US-based Private Equity firm sought to increase its portfolio of 53 locations across the country. The client required extensive support in the acquisition process for each location, starting from scouting to financial analysis, modeling, and budgeting.


Through our expertise in acquisitions and our commitment to providing high-quality services, we were able to assist our client in growing their portfolio to 94 locations, representing a 79% increase in just two years.


The significant growth was mainly driven by our innovative approach to financial modeling, budgeting, and geolocation analysis, which allowed us to streamline the acquisition process and make it more efficient.


The impact of these achievements was felt almost immediately. Our client’s profitability increased significantly, and their workforce expanded in size. Additionally, our team also experienced growth as a result of the success.


Furthermore, the increased scale of our client’s portfolio in the US education sector allowed us to establish a benchmark for KPIs and a financial index. This powerful tool enables the client to measure its performance and navigate the acquisition and integration process effectively.


In 2022, our innovative know-how enabled us to support the acquisition of 13 business units in a single deal, which is a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication.


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