Understanding Blueberries Market Dynamics


One of the largest pension funds located in Canada was seeking to obtain insights regarding the blueberry market (i.e., supply, demand, market prices, competitive landscape). The final objective for the client was to gain a deep understanding of the worldwide blueberry market and to be able to better assess the acquisition of one of the key players in the industry.



A task force team consisting of industry experts, independent consultants, and market research professionals was assembled by one of our partners in the US. Southern Cross Analytics provided the analysts to search, collect, organize, and analyse comprehensive information regarding production, import-export flow, the competitive landscape, price information, and forecasting. All this data was collected from public and private databases, non-structured data using web scraping techniques, trade association reports, and government data. The insights generated from this project were condensed into a slide deck containing all the relevant data required for the client.


Image by jcomp on Freepik

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